The benefits of going on a retreat

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The benefits of going on a retreat

You want to bring more sports and healthy food into your everyday life? You already have found a way to exercise regularly and follow a well-balanced diet, but want to explore new things? 

No matter, where you are standing right now and how your lifestyle was during the last years, a retreat offers you several opportunities to discover new possibilities, change your habits, work on your body, mind and soul. And the benefits will be long-term. 

1. The surroundings 

Retreats usually take place somewhere far from home. Beautiful locations, nature, warm and sunny weather will help you to bring some distance from your current problems at home. You’ll be able to connect with nature on a deeper level gathering strength, power and new perspectives. Being close to nature has shown to reduce the production of cortisol, our primary stress hormone. Moreover, clean air, calm surroundings and plants allow you to unwind and be thoroughly rejuvenated so that you can have a fresh start to your life upon return. 

2. Disconnect from your daily routine 

Being away from your usual surroundings presents the perfect platform for you to forget about the hustle and bustle of life. Looking on problems or issues from a distance can open your eyes for ideas. Experiencing different ways of approaching things makes you aware of solutions you would never have come across following your routine at home. 

3. Meet new people 

Retreats attract people with similar concern or interests and offer you the opportunity to spend memorable moments with like-minded people who are looking to achieve the same goals like you. You are able to make new connections and friendships with people who will add positivity to your life. You can remain in touch after you return home and keep up the support for each other. 

4. Professional guidance 

Retreats include a tight schedule of trainings, exercises or counselling sessions by experts who allow you to see your own shortcomings and help you improve your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. They’ll equip you with information and techniques that you can use to remain in shape after the retreat is over. Beyond that you don’t have to worry about things like scheduling, reservation, commutes, finding locations etc. So you can focus on your own well-being and have a truly stress free time-off. 

5. Dive deeper into experience 

Even if you manage to practice regularly at home, to stick to healthy food and lifestyle, a retreat can show you a step further. One of my clients who has been into training for a while put it that way: “In your everyday life you are permanently fed with information. Even during workout or yoga class you are thinking about your shopping, that you need to make an appointment with your dentist, what there will be at work tomorrow and so on. To come here to a beautiful place all these things and thoughts are far away. I feel incredibly free and can focus and concentrate on all the new impressions and the program here. I get a completely different point of view on things, a new quality in experiences, because I’m able to release and let it happen, and a new impetus to the pursuit of my training at home.” 

6. Try things you would never have tried at home 

The intense schedule on a retreat will include things you know. Probably you have chosen this retreat because of that. But usually there is much more, new elements to explore. Maybe you come here for workout, but then there is a yoga class. You like it and keep it up back home, but you would never have tried it on your own. You have heard about meditation, but think, that it isn’t for you. Then you take part in a meditation and discover you like it. So you integrate it into your routine at home. Talking with the other participants may bring your attention to aspects and possibilities, that never occurred your mind. It is a big chance to broaden your horizon. 

7. The Warrior X Transformational Retreat includes a special intermittent fasting paleo diet. It is very difficult to keep a healthy way of nutrition caught between work, children, training, duties, etc. Here you get to know new recipes, you would never have looked for and found on your own. You have the chance to try, to taste and to choose what you like. The tight program prevents you from becoming weak and cheat, so your body has the chance to adapt to new patterns. You will feel so good that it’ll come easy to you to keep up your new habits after you return home. Probably also your family will profit, if you include the newly found healthy meals into your regular menu at home. 

A retreat is the perfect kick-off into whatever changes you want to bring to your life. No matter, what you expect, where you stand, what you did before, you can only stand to gain. 

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