I am the founder and creator of Warrior X Training System
and Warrior X Transformational Retreats
We offer life changing experiences in our retreats and help
you to achieve your goals more efficiently.


A place to nurture minds, bodies & spirits.

My approach to movement has been strongly influenced by my broad education and interests, from dance to martial arts, yoga and functional fitness.

Different cultures and people have always fascinated me, which led me to living and working in New Zealand, Singapore and North America before returning to Austria.

Over the years I have learned that breathing is the one connecting element between the different forms of movement. By focusing on the quality of breath, I can guarantee safe movement, a constant strengthening of the core muscles and effective training.

My goal is to create awareness and confidence through a physical and mental/spiritual approach.

  • SVASTHA YOGA RYS200, Svastha Yoga New Zealand, Auckland
  • NORDIC WALKING TRAINER, Body&Health Academy,
  • BODY VITALITY TRAINER, OECERT 400h, Fitness and Health Coach, Body&Health Academy
  • TRX – TRAINER, Level 1 Workshop Linz
  • NLP Practitioner Cert. Richard Bandler

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